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1999 acura tl for parts. car is 100% Complete "Except the transmission:mad: "

The car has 200,000kms 100% Stock, has a year and a half left of Nova Scotia Vehical Safety Inspection, seats are in great shape, all switches and controls work, All glass is intact, all lights work, interior is clean and in great shape, bose stereo works great

altinator was just rebuilt, Just replaced the print panel in the dash as it was dim (Common i guess), replaced all the bulbs in the cluster

The rims are very straight and in good shape, tires are brand new gt radials with 500kms.

Iam an automotive technician apprentice and kept the car very well maintained, oil change every 4000kms and transmission flush every second oil change, tuneup every 6 months and the works, How i loved my japenese baby:bigcry:

Pictures can be found at

Please email my smart phone as i have limited access to a computer to check this forum, or reply to kijiji add

[email protected]

Will ship ANYTHING at your cost, will consider any offers on ANYTHING

Thanks guys! Took a major loss on this car
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