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1999 TL... many issues.

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OK, so I am thinking about buying this car for $500. 173K miles on it. Really clean. Tranny is out, stereo says CODE and Err 3 and the anti-theft light by the stereo is flashing. Is it possible that it's the anti theft that is making the transmission not shift right? Is $500 a ok deal for a a TL with bad transmission? How do I reset the anti theft system?

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Does anyone know if the JDM transmissions are built any better than the ones built for the TL's here in the states?
JDM Inspires were built in Canada, so, no......
Not sure on the radio causing the issue. However, The 3G tranny will bolt up, you just have to change the sensors over from the 2g tranny. It is more reliable and an easy swap.
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