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I need a fix, or you can have the car for $5k.

I just had the tranny rebuilt, just short of 150k miles. Now that it's hot, I'm getting other issues. Yesterday, I left IHOP and the car tried not to start. Crank, no start, so I let it sit for a couple minutes and tried again, and it fired up. No problems for the rest of the day, and I drove it all over town. Parked in the garage.

I went down to leave this morning, and I get a hard crank, no start. It's not the battery. I pulled the relay off, and it looks fine. Put it back, no start. Checked every single fuse, and they all look good. I hear a click when I turn the key, followed by two quick clicks. I don't hear anything near the fuel pump, but I'm not sure what I'm listening for.

The weird variable that I haven't seen anywhere else in five hours of looking around the web is that there's no lights in the instrument panel. The panel is backlit, but the CEL doesn't come on when I turn the key, nor do any of the other lights that should flash when you turn the key. No brake light, no TCS light, nothing. The odometer on the dash doesn't show.

Give me some clues, please. Thanks in advance.
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