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2 races but 3 kills!!!

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I haven't had much action lately cause I have been using my mom's accord. Well today I took my ride out and the following happens:

1. Was coming home from a friend's house when a red mercury sable decided to play with me.:rolleyes: He zoomed past me so I of course return the favor and zoom past him. Then we were caught at a red light. There was a car in front of him and me so we were lined up second. Light turned greeen and I just flew by the first car to get in the open. Well what do you know, the other guy did the same. So I slowed down for him to catch up to me. And instead of playing fair and start even with me, he flew right by me. HELL NO....didn't even bother using SS. I flew by him and the expression on his face was priceless.:D Then lucky me we both headed towards the highway. I slowed down towards the entrance to the highway for him to catch up. As he was up my ass, I just WOT my car! I pulled so many car lengths on him it wasn't even funny. Turned out he didn't bother to try to catch up to me. I even slowed down for him but I saw that he was not trying to play anymore. Oh down.

2. After race 1 I was just minding my own business when this blue civic si and a last generation prelude flew by me. I can't say no so I caught up to them. Lined up next to them going about 40 mph and just gunned it. Need I say more.
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nice kills ;)
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