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Like some of you, I had the SRS light come on.

Not knowing much about this, I brought my son's car to the Acura dealer to diagnose it. With a MS Code of 15-3 (faulty OPDS sensor), they replaced the OPDS sensor under the passenger seat. Well, that worked for about one week. My son called me and told me the SRS light came back on.
With a heated discussion over weather I had to pay another 130.00 to have the car diagnosed, the dealer did clear the code for me for no charge. They told my I needed the seat pad changed for about 800.00 but with no guarantees. So I left the dealership thinking about it.

And once again the SRS light came on in a matter of days.
Looking on line I found how to clear the code myself. I schooled my son how to clear the code, but after doing it almost every other day, he wanted to get rid of the car.

Now here is HOW I FIXED the car with out spending a dime.

Knowing that Acura will repair the seat-belt for no charge if the right code comes up related to the SRS, I inserted the passenger seat belt into the buckle as if a passenger was sitting there. Since then the SRS light never came on again. Now, I instructed my son/daughter, when somebody is going to sit in the passenger seat, shut down the engine before you unhook the seat-belt. After the passenger is seated and the seat belt buckled, then start the engine.
This worked for 6 months. I brought the car into the dealer and explained what happened. Knowing the mechanics I shared to him everything I did. He said that doing this was a quirk and not important. I told him that for 6 months the light did not come on, not 6 days. He finally said WOW. He also said, that the SRS system is monitored two ways. One with the seat-belt hooked, and another with the seat-belt unhooked. So, I was having the SRS monitored differently with the seat-belt hooked.

I had the dealer change the seat-belt buckle for me for no charge. Not easy. There was no code when I brought the car in. The SRS light was off. The 856503 Diagnostic Trouble Code / Seat Belt or MS Code 15 -3 was not in the history. I just showed all my receipts of what I did, and brought the system knowledge of the SRS system that I know.
There is NO direct coloration between the Service Bulletin the dealer used and what fixed the car. I used system knowledge. I told this to the service manager. He said he was following Acura Service Bulletin 02-015.
Well, you did, but that is not what fixed my car.

So to you my friends, this is the solution to this problem.
Clear the SRS code, buckle the Passenger seat-belt when the engine is operating and see what happens.
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