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2000 Acura TL-To keep or not to keep-HELP!

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So here's the story (and a lengthy post)

I have a 2000 Laguna Green TL with right at 200K...

I love the car, but, it has been a bit of a pickle... I am trying to decide if its time to let go, or spend the $2500 and fix it up and aim for 300k... The car is starting to feel tired and I am noticing little things stating to not work 100%... My Question: DO I let go??? Love the car, but knowing its had 4 Transmissions (I had a dealer who was very criminal and would not repair things right)and may need #5 is the kicker

Plus, right now, the car has a list of things that need to be looked at (per my mechanic) and don't work.. I had a PPI of sorts done and this whats noted:
EGR Ports Clogged- Per CEL Light
Bank 2 O2 Sensor Out-Per CEL Light/diagnostics
MAF Sensor Reading too low-May need to be replaced-Check after fixing 02 Sensor
D4 Light Blinking and CEL Code for Incorrect Gear Ratio- Needs further inspection
Rear Passanger Door Handle Broken
Rear Windows Inop. -Checked Master Control and Rear Switches and both seem ok, possible regulator failure on both
A/C Inoperative, Leak at Evaperator
Power Passanger Seat Inop
Drivers Seat Heater Inop
Keyfobs for car have very little range; Replaced batterys and still has similar short range
Right Rear Speaker Blown
Side Air Bag Light on; Bad Pass. Side Sensor
Rear View Mirror Bad-Stuck on Dim

Thats the list... Its parked right now... I love this car, but I would have expected more life from an Acura.. I am very fastidous with maintenance on my vehicles (I had a E320 last 330K, My Current E320 has 135K and its never had an issue between me or the prior owners... I have a Saturn VUE with 165K and its fine, also have a Ford Windstar with 247K and its fine with some issues, Poor Acura)... I dunno.. Maybe I got a bad one years ago??? The prior owners bought an Expedition and I got a good deal on it, they had moved from Kentucky to NC in 03, and I have had since about that time..

So Thoughts?? Time to say good bye? Thanks

Below is the service history, I've kept up with since I had it, Acura had no repairs registered prior to my ownership and talking with the prior owners they said they had no issues..

June 19th, 2003- Purchased with 32K Miles
37k-Oil Change, Change Coolant ($109.95)
Dec. 03 42.5k- Oil Change, Transmission Service, Front Brake Pads... ($221.12)
Check engine light Came on at 43.5K and Reg. Transmission Code- Reset by Acura
Check engine back on at 44K and car will not go above 45- Transmission determined to be faulty and replaced February 04.
48K- Oil Change, Last Warranty Inspection (before extd. warranty kicks in) with Acura June 2004 ($391.81)
-Repaired A/C Compressor Pully
-New Serpintine Belt
-New Front Wheel Bearing
-Brake Fluid Exchange
53K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires ($25)
57K-Oil Change ($25)
62K-60K Service, Fix Power Mirror Switch-Acura Jan. 06 ($560.23)
-Change Coolent
-Power Steering Fluid Service
-New Back Brake Pads
-4 New Michelin Tires
-4 Wheel Alingment
-60K Inspection and Adjustment
-Fuel Filter
-Engine Air and Cabin Air Filters
-Engine Induction Service
-Adjust Parking Brake
67K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires
72K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires
77K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires
80K- Transmission refuses to shift into 3rd gear and has a burning smell- New Clutch pack and soleniod pack installed; Transmission Serviced (Acura Warranty, January 06, Acura)
82K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires, Transmission slips some when shifting and shifts very harshly.
Transmission ECM Reflashed (April 06, Acura)
83K-Car refuses to shift past 2nd, will not go over 45 and sometimes only shifts into reverse...
2nd Transmission found to be Faulty, Replaced under good faith warranty with Honda after multipul calls and corrispondance with Honda North America (Sept 06)
87K-Oil Change, Rotate Tires, New Front Brake Pads (Acura, Jan 07, $192.91)
92.5K-90k Tune up and Service (Acura, May 07, $1,198.92)
-Timing Belt and water pump
-Idler Pully
-Rear 02 Sensor
-Cooling System Service
-New Thermostat
-Replace Rear Main Seal (Acura covered 50% due to item not being fixed during transmission repairs)
-Fuel Induction Service
-Fuel Filter, Cabin and Engine Air Filters
-Brake System Service
-Power Steering System Service
-PCV Valve
-Valve Adjustment
-Replace LF Wheel Bearing
-New rear emergency brake shoes
-90K inspection
-New Battery
-New Serpentine Belt
-New Spark Plugs
Detail Car
97.5K-Oil Change, Tire Rotation
102.5-Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Reset Check Engine Light (Acura)
103K-Transmission will not shift into gear- TCM reflashed, transmission serviced and valve body replaced (Acura, ½ warranty and ½ our cost, $367.93, Jan. 08)
104K-Transmission is slipping- Car checks ok with Honda Dealer (Feb. 08)
104.5K-Transmission refuses to shift past 2nd, CEL on and car is stuck in limp mode...
Dealer finds no fault with Tranny, I ask to have to it replaced PER the warranty Again with Honda.. Honda and Dealer refuse.. Rest TCM and reflash AGAIN at no cost (Feb. 08, Honda Dealer)
105K-Transmission looses 3rd gear on I-85 near moms in Greenville.. Car towed to Greenville Acura (Feb 08)... Per Diagnosis, Valve body installed wrong and 3rd-5th planatary gears are stripped.. After 2 month fight, new transmission installed with 5 year/60K warranty THROUGH ACURA.. Car returned April 10th 2008
107K-Oil Change, Tire Rotation
112K-Oil Change, Tire Rotation
117K-Oil Change, Tire Rotation
122K-120K Service, Fix TCS and CEL Lights (Acura North Scottsdale AZ, March 09 $890.21)
-New Cat. Converter (½ paid by Acura under good faith, car was out for two weeks, since (per dealer) this was a common issue on some TL's)
-New 02 Sensor
-New RF Wheel Speed Sensor for TCS
-Coolent Flush
-Fuel Filter Replaced
-Clean Throttle Body
-Cabin Air and Engine Air Filters
-Brake Fluid Exchange
-New Rear Brake Pads and Rotors
-New Front Brake Pads and Rotors
-LF CV Joint
-Power Steering Service
-New AC Line Seals and Re Charge
127.5K Oil Change and New Michelin Tires Tires (Indy Honda Dude) (May 2009 $601.91)
132K Oil Change and Tire Rotation, Alingment (June 2009 $119.94)
137K Oil Change and Tire Rotation
142K Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Fix Power Windows and new Map Sensor (Nov. 2009, $321.11)
143K Have Radio Rebuilt and aux. Cord added by :mhihi: Electronics in Los Angles (Nov. 2009, $188)
147K Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Replace Bent Rim and Ball Joints (Indy, San Diego, Ca, April 2010 $331.89)
152k Oil Change, Tire Rotation, New AC Compressor (Indy, SD CA, August 2010, $376.22)
157K Oil Change, Tire Rotation
163K 160K Service (Jan. 2011, Indy SD CA, $1,345.91)
-New Battery
-New Serpintine Belt
-New Drive Pully
-Transmission Service
-Coolent Service
-EGR Cleaning, service throttle body and new IAC valve
-New PCV Valve
-Cabin Air and Engine Air Filters
-New Coil Pack and Spark Plugs
-Fuel Filter
-Power Steering Service
-RF CV Joint
-New Front Struts
-Fix Drivers Seat
-New Urathane Sway Bar Busings
-Adjust Rear Parking Brake, New Front Brake Pads
-New Alternator
169K Oil Change, Tire Rotation
174K Oil Change, New Tires (Firestone, La Mesa, CA, August 2011, $567.43)
175K New Rear Struts, trailing arm and ball joints, Alingment (Indy, Sept. 2011, $610.33)
179K Oil Change, Tire Rotation
183K Oil Change, New Power Steering Pump, Timing Belt and Water Pump
(Indy, March 2012 $459.42)
185K New Radiator, Thermostat and Coolent Temp Sensor (Indy, May 2012, $432.84)
185.5K New Throttle Position Sensor (Indy, May 2012, $132.23)
188K Oil Change, Rotate Tires
194K 30K Service, 2 new Speed Sensors, 2 new front wheel bearings and new 02 Sensor
(Indy, Beaverton OR, July 2012, $776.23)
-Fuel Filter, Cabin and Engine Air Filter
-Coolent Flush and new lower radiator hose
-Power Steering Flush and new power steering hose
-Brake Fluid Flush and new brake pads all around
-30K inspection
-New Tie Rod Ends
-Oil Change
-Transission Service
-Intake Manifold Sensor
-PCV Valve and Throttle Body Service
198K Oil Change, Tire Rotation and rebuilt throttle body
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Wow it seems like you have had quite a history with this car. I think ultimately the decision is up to you. Do you feel if it's worth putting in more money into the car to fix it and have it going for just a little bit longer or just to sell it? It's not an issue about transportation if you already have other vehicles that you can still drive. Personally for me though, I'm very open in trying new things - so a new kind of car would be quite exciting. Good luck with your decision!
All cars are money pits. I don't know why its common to become attached to a car. Most daily drivers are just toss away. If you want something nice. Drive it very little and keep it in the garage 10 months out of the year. Just like what I do with my motorcycle. Sounds like you have plenty other rides. I just drive and fix what I can. Guess if your paying for all repairs and dealing with issues that are never proper fix its time to let it go.
I'd say drop it like a bad habit.
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