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I Have a 2000 Integra, and have had some trouble with my front lower engine mounts breaking. I seem to have good mounts on there now, as when they were bad, when I went to stop, the whole car shimmied like I had a flat tire, so I put on new engine mounts, and that seemed to stop that problem.

So just recently, when I try to go from Park to Reverse, it feels like it's binding, and is not going into reverse smoothly like it should. I was driving the other day, and when going around a turn with some break applied, it sounded as if something inside was scraping (metal on metal) and my guess is that something isn't lined up quite right. I checked the front engine mounts and they still seem to be good to go, as well as the upper mounts. The only mount that I can't tell is the rear transmission mount, and I am not sure if that would be the problem or not.

Does anyone have any input as to what is happening or why???
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