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Hi Community
I have a strange problem . I recently changed the gas tank on my Rl as the original was leaking due to corrosion. I also changed the pump-denso- and the screen. When the gas level is just above the level of a quarter tank the car began to stall in a left turn , when i stopped at a stop sign , and on sloping roads . It only happens at this fuel level and gets worse as the level drops. After some time I figured it out. It would start up immediately after the movement of the gas in the tank stopped. Above this level the car behaves normally.

The tank is used from a 2000 acura RL. Has anyone experienced this before.?

The mechanic who installed the tank and pump told me that the tank has no baffles? is it possible that the pump could have been incorrectly installed, wit the old tank i could drive it down to the light
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