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I have the 2000 RL stock stereo and have recently run into a couple of problems.
It started a long time ago when my volume buttons on the steering wheel stopped working but sometimes would start working if I turned the steering wheel all the way to lock (either side) Anyway, that "fix" stopped working and I just gave up because I could change songs and the cruise still worked so no biggie.
Lately my front right speaker started dropping out whenever I went over a big bump. Out here in Northern VA with all the construction that is a regular problem. Whenever it happened I could turn off the stereo and immediately turn it back on and the problem would go away (until the next construction zone).
Now suddenly it seems the left front speaker is going out and the right front is OK. It is like it suddenly switched and turning the stereo off and back on temporarily fixes the problem.
I am not sure if it is worth taking this to the dealer if it is going to cost me $100s (which it must, I mean this is the dealer after all) when the car has 195k miles on it and I am saving $$ for any big repair items down the road.
I am not interested in aftermarket at this time as I have already had my car broken into (previous accord) and had the stereo and amp stolen and I do not wish to attract any more night visitors.
What I wanted to ask was has anyone else had this specific issue before? I know the amp is behind the back seat ( I have seen it) and since I have to clean out my trunk this weekend I figured I could take a look from the trunk to see if there was a loose wire or something going to the amp. I am not electronically sophisticated enough to do any real repair that way, but I figured it couldn't hurt to take a look since this problem seems to magically " go away" when ever the stereo is turn off and on. It almost sounds to me like it could be something relatively simple.
Thanks for any reply.

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If you don't feel comfortable checking the wiring for a loose connection then I would recommend taking it to a shop that specializes in car stereos for diagnosis. That would probably be cheaper and repaired better than taking it to a dealership.
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