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Hi all,

Does anyone happen to have photos (with the nose removed) showing the HID headlight ballast and ignitor? I have looked at some diagrams, but from them I really cannot tell which piece is the ignitor, and which is the ballast, and I would like to know what I am looking for before I pull the front off the car.

Bottom line - I have an intermittent headlight. Usually it will turn on and work for a while, then goes off. Sometimes it doesn't come on at all. Other times it works fine. Seems worse when humid (during after rain/snow fall)

My logic is this - it is not the bulb (or it would never work). Therefore, it must be a dirty connection, or a bad ballast, or a bad ignitor. My plan is to take the front of the car off, clean all of the connections related to the ballast/ignitor, and then switch either the ballast or the ignitor L to R, R to L. For example, if I switch the ignitors, and the problem remains on the same side it is currently on, then it must be the ballast. If the problem moves to the other side, then it must be a faulty ignitor (since that is the only piece that got moved). At least, that is my plan

If there are any "gotchas" people have run into in accessing these components, I would appreciate your suggestions/experiences

thanks, bruce
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