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Hi guys - I recently installed had an aftermarket remote starter in my 5 speed 2001 acura 1.7 el. At the end of the process the security light started blinking (it didn't use to blink before). The light remains blinking regardless of whether the doors are unlocked or open. If someone opens either of the passenger side doors by the back seat the alarm goes off. Opening or closing the front doors doesn't cause the alarm to go off. I cannot seem to turn off the alarm with the acura remote and so I have to wait until the alarm goes off by itself.

A few things which may be relevant to the issue is that I installed an aftermarket stereo before I installed the aftermarket remote starter. My car has a few mechanical issues which were there when I bought the car off the previous owner. The power lock on the right back door doesn't work and the trunk release inside the car doesn't work but I can open it using the remote. Also there is no release for the fuel tank flap (its always open).

Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks.
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