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I took my fine running 2001 MDX to an Indy shop to have the starter replaced. A couple of hours later the mech calls me up and tells me that both Transmission shift solenoids snapped off when he was trying to put in the lower Starter bolt. Said they were brittle and dry rotted into place so they just broke when he was trying to remove them.

I asked him why he felt he had to remove two solenoids while changing the starter? His reply was there was no room to get to the lower bolt without taking them out.

From youtube videos and forum comments on how to R & R the MDX starter, I see no reference to having to remove these solenoids to make the swap.

Can anyone here please verify if the removal was required? Or do I just have a mech that didn't know what he was doing with the MDX. While he has not quoted me an extra charge yet, from the looks of just the cost of the two solenoids, I suspect it is going to cost me more than the starter and swap. If he broke these while not properly changing the starter, I would like to know it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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