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When I bought it from my mother a couple of years ago, she used it at the retirement home before she gave up driving. So it almost qualifies for the little old lady only drove it on Sundays award. That's when it got the new tires, and I know it has been serviced on schedule for the last 6 years. The paint is very good, and I will provide a service history for while I've had it.

This car is quite sound. Mechanically, it's in the shape of a car 6 years younger, and from my experience, I expect it will give another 6 or 8 years of driving (if you service it like we did) with no major problems.

I am not a very experienced car seller, so I'm asking $7,200 which is a Kelly Blue book very good, but it has issues, like the SRS light and intermittent VCA light that do not affect driveability. I have other pictures and feedback or negotiations will be considered.
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