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2002 Transmission Slipping

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2002 Acura TL, Transmission started slipping while on Hwy, Never a problem B4. driving 75mph I went to pass another car.. that's when Transmission slipped, RPM's went up - power gone.
after letting Acura cool down I could drive and get off Hwy.
I've changed Trans Fluid ( yes was Ugly ) Now Acura will drive around the block but Trans gets warm then I've got problem shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear. Finally got home and now Transmission will shift into Reverse = Nothing happens No movement, D = Nothing No movement
Engine codePO730 Gear Ratio Incorrect
looking for Help ?
Thanks in Advance
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Hate to say it, looks like trans is gone. If the fluid looked looked bad it probably was burned up! Changing the trans fluid once only exchages 3.5qts. You may want to do two or three more fluid changes to get rid of all the bad stuff. If that doesn’t work, transmission may be in order.
Shoot. First gen is notorious for transmission failure.
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