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Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to install a car remote starter (Compustar CS-800) with a Fortin Bypass module.
I've got most of the main harness connected, except for one wire.
The compustar manual says "Green/White – This is the positive (+) parking light wire that triggers when you lock and unlock the doors and remote start the vehicle." and I believe I connect this wire to the positive parking light wire which is Red/Yellow in my car. Every time I connect it, and I press the remote starter button, wire number 1 (12V constant) on the remote starter's fuse blows up. Not sure why.
When I disconnect the wire, and replace the fuse, the car starts with the remote starter without any difficulty.

I was wondering if someone here would be able to shed some light on this car starter installation that I am working on.

Thank you,
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