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Hello Guys,

I have a 03 Acura MDx, I installed the python 5103P alarm system with auto start, that works perfectly fine.

However, I am trying to install a bypass module and it's not working out, I programmed it properly and when I click the auto start button on the remote, the car turns over an shuts off and the key kept blinking on the dash.

According to the Bypass manual, it says the connections from the bypass should go to a connection behind the ignition Switch on a 7 pin connector labeled (1-7), I located a 7 pin connector behind the ignition switch, when I reference the wires on the connector with the one on the bypass module, a few wires are off. but the ignition wire and the data wire match.

I'd appreaciate any help; pictures, guides, videos etc Thanks guys
The bypass module is a: DEI Xpresskit PKH34 Bypass Essentials Immobilizer
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