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Any help here Please?
Doesn't do it every time. Symptoms:

Car seems to lose complete electrical power. Turn key, nothing, not even dash lights, nothing. I disconnect the negative battery terminal, and then the positive. I reconnect them, get back in car, and normally car will have electrical power and will start and run fine. This has happened 3 times now. I'm carrying a 10m/m socket just to do this stupid routine. Car has 140K on it. I just purchased so no history available.

Can some one, any one please help. This is ruining what I thought would be a good car experience being a first time Acura owner............

By the way: I was AT AUTOZONE when the car did it. The tech checked the battery IN the car it showed 5 volts. He placed a brand new battery in and the car still could NOT start. Still no juice. I asked him to recheck the voltage on MY battery out of the car. It was 12 volts. I asked him to remove the new battery, reinstall mine, and when he hooked up the battery terminals to my old battery, I had power and it started.
So it's NOT the battery.

Please me..............
1 - 2 of 5 Posts