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I snapped the T/B on my 2003 EL and after scoping the Cylinders 3 of the 4 pistons have valve indentations on them. I'm going to replace the head with something used and have it planed. I've already replaced the T/B, water pump, tensioner, alternator & Power steering belts. My question is what other blocks I can source for a replacement head from?
Are you sure those indentations are damage, or are they the normal two indentations (to allow for valve clearance) cast into the pistons? I suspect the former, since one piston seems not to have them, so swapping engines might make sense. I recently went through this with a 2002 TL-S, my timing belt broke, but there was no damage to pistons. I rebuilt the heads, engine runs great. If you do replace your timing belt etc., be sure to use OEM (AISN) water pump. Last time I changed the TB, I had used a Gates TB kit that included a water pump of unknown mfg. Turns out the Gates water pumps are notorious for seizing up, which is what happened to my engine. I did find used engines for around $1200-$1800, which might be worth considering. Good Luck!!
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