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My 2003 MDX nav system is caught in a loop. If I start the car, the Acura nav system start up screen comes up for a while, then the "don't operate while driving the car" warning text comes up for a while, and after a bit of a delay, instead of the "ok" button appearing at the bottom right corner under the warning text, the screen cycles back to the Acura nav system start up screen. This continues in an endless loop.

If, instead of starting the car, I just turn the key to the point where all electronics are powered, the cycle works properly and gets to the "ok" button, allowing me to use the nav system normally. The problem is that, as soon as I turn the key one notch further to actually start the car, the nav system goes back to the start up mode and puts me back into the endless loop.

I had the nav screen fixed a couple of months ago by removing it and sending it to Alpine for repair, and the system was working fine until my mechanic installed a new battery today. I'd greatly appreciate any advice if anyone can think of what could have happened to cause this problem. If I can't figure it out, I'll have to pull the nav system from under the passenger seat and send it to Alpine.

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