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Got this car used after my daughter wiped out the minivan (needed transportation). First comment from older son - ready for tranny issues? Yea!

I'm tired of messing with it, and I want it out of my driveway. I had a thought to fix everything, clean it up and sell it for "top" dollar, but I've got too many projects. It needs to go.

Full disclosure:
  • Engine: The engine is solid, just has an emission issue and needs some tweaks. Starts when cold but after warm stumbles. When driven, it is strong. Compression is solid. A/C works (tested last summer, YMMV).
  • Electrical: There is a definite short in the front end. 7.5A fuse for the instrument panel blows after 10 minutes of driving. It might be in the front fog light.
  • Transmission - completely rebuilt from the factory POS. We made sure that the shop did not repeat the dealership nonsense.
  • Interior - leather seats are okay, but see below.
  • Tires - pretty good, but the car has not been driven much in 2 years.
  • Mileage: 165k last time I checked, mostly highway miles in the ATL area.
Biggest gripes I have with this car are the stupid leaks. This car suffers from the sun roof leaks and the rear trunk leaks. As such, once you get the leaks resolved and the minor other issues, it needs a professional detailing (or a teenager dreaming of his first car). Do that, and you easily have a 3k+ car with many more miles on it. I just don't have the time to screw with it anymore.

Asking 1k... message me. It's night now, but I can post some pictures if there is any traction...
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