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Hello having some starting issues with my 2004 acura El premium Canadian model.

Sometime it starts right up no problems then sometimes it wont start it just cranks over but won't fire up it will take a few key turns to get it too start when it dose that then it runs rough for 2 sec then it's fine like nothing happened or was wrong (intermittent)

:bash: It wouldn't start 4 times after i shut the car off today when i was out took about 3 or 5 key turn to make the car start up after but then sometimes it would just start up like their was no starting problem.

Then i was at the gas station filling up took about 10 mins to getting the car to start after i put gas into it would just crank over it would not firing up then bam it started went home shut the car off tryed to restart it it just started up no problem even know 5 mins ago it wouldn't start at the gas station?

Iv be doing some research and found that few acuras that are doing this have bad cranked soders in the relay under stearing wheel that control the fuel pump.

Could this relay be causing my starting problem to not start sometime then the car starts just fine sometimes & is the relay in the same spot as the acura cl under the stearing wheel or is it in a different spot cause its a 2004 acura el premium Canadian model.

thanks alot

would like to hear what what people think of this problem
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