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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and hope you'll be able to help me guide my questions to the appropriate forum, should this be the wrong one.

Here is my situation: I'll possibly be moving to Europe (Austria, to be exact) and I'm thinking of also bringing my Acura TL 04 (manual transmission, ~130.000miles), since it is a great car, in great condition, and its mine ... so the only expenses are the usual repairs that are accompanied by the age and mileage of the car. Also, I wouldn't need to pay duty.

However, I'd have to change the rear blinker from red to amber (it's the law in Austria) and didn't find anything in the internet on how to go about it and where I could get it it done or even just get the parts.

I do know that there is no Acura in Europe, though I saw Acura style cars that run under Honda. So I'm wondering, if it is worth to bring it or will Honda garages not be able to do repairs etc.

I'd appreciate any advice you can give so I can make an informed decision!

Thank you!!!
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