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:snipe:Hey people. I have been having an issue with my TL for a few weeks now, but it has now quit. It was having issues trying to start, where turning the key seemed as power wasn't even reaching the starter. I hear the buzz when I turn the key, everything turns off as normal to help the battery load, but I don't even get a click at the starter. I know it's not the battery, because I could turn the key a few times, and all I mentioned happens, then boom, it turns over.
It's looking like a relay or the ignition switch. I just don't know which to start with. Under the hood, in the little fuse box which also has a couple relays in it, I hear the relays working. I also checked with a meter to see if I had power reaching the starter to find out it isn't. If the ignition switch is bad, would I have problems with my car shutting off while driving? Or is it possible the contacts are done within the switch itself? I'm stuck, please help!! Probably going to miss work tomorrow because I can't start my car. ANYTHING is appreciated. Just know I've pretty much ruled out the battery and starter. AND all connections are clean and clear of corrosion.
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