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Hi Guys,

Recently my engine light on my car came on. I went to a mechanic and he did a diagnostics. He told me that my front O2 sensor is dead and the my evap system was leaking. For the evap system he recommended that I replace the canister and the valve. The costs to repair were $280 + tax ($230 for the sensor and $50 for labour) and $400 + tax ($150 for canister, $100 for valve and $150 for labour) for the canister and valve replacement. As you can see....its an expensive replacement. As such I wanted to buy the O2 sensor myself for a cheap price if possible and replace it as well.

In regards to the O2 sensor, I wanted to know how many O2 sensors does a 2005 Acura EL have? Is it just one (1) upstream/front O2 sensor and one (1) downstream/rear O2 sensor, or are there more O2 sensors?

Also, is there a good site where I can buy the right O2 sensor for a cheap price? And has anyone ever replaced one themselves?

Your response will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Atmosphere:

I have no experience with the 2005 model but my 1999 had two O2 sensors.
The front one on the exhaust manifold is expensive.
The rear one after the catalytic converter is a lot cheaper.
Your 2005 is probably similar.

Look here for parts, I've had good luck with them, free shipping from Canada over $100.

Let us know how things go.
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