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Hello everyone, this is my first post out of many I´m sure ill be makeing. I am pretty mechanicly inclined but i´m completly self taught. But lets get right to it. I have a 2005 Acura TSX 4 cylinder automatic. It is overheating. I have no check engine light, but I checked for Codes anyway, None showed active. When I drive the thermostat pointer rises above what has clearly been its operating temperature since its never gone above a certain point for the past 2 years i have owned the vehicle. It will stay hot and keep rising while in idle or while driving the care. When I blow heat at full blast it barley does anything, same if I turn on the AC. But if i turn on both at the same time it will stay at operating temp, or very slowly go back down to operating temp.

!. If i turn AC on one of the fans come on, not both
2. neither fan turns on even when its all they way On H (iv only let that happen once when my wife was driving and she didnt know what that ment lol)
3. I replaced the fan rely and had no effect, i swithed some of the rellays around to see if mabe one of the other systems showed symptoms than, but all the rest of the systems stayed good.
4. I replaced the sensor on the bottom of the radiator, no change.
5.iv tested the fan motors by hooking the fan directly do the 12 volt battery source and both fans spun as they should.
6.checked oil and it has no sign of radiator fluid. also checked radiator fluid and it has no off color.
7. iv flushed radiator fluid anyway, so i have brand new radiator fluid in system.
8. by this point i lost the radiator cap and had to buy a new one so the seal is good on that.
9. this all happend last summer, winter came around and the car ran fine because it was cold enough, but now that it´s warming up again all the symptoms are back.

Some one please help, Iv looked at so many forums and so many people have simmilar problems but not mine.

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1st thing you all ways check is coolint see if your leaking or have a hole anywere thats stopping it.....check it see if its thing is bad thermostat these tend to go bad over time that can the problem next check your water pump and holes /radiator
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