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Hello all, I have a 2006 Acura tl (3.2l v6 automatic) and ever since the winter of 2019 it will not rev past 5500 rpms, during the summer of 2020 my transmission went, so I went ahead and got it rebuilt. Previous problems that are fixed is heater core, powersteering (X2), and coolant leak. I think it might be the vtec solenoid but its expensive and I need to be sure it is not anything simple like a fuse or relay. Please respond asap someone with experience. I appreciate all the help I can get

Detailed description of problem:
-will not rev past 5500
-only time it will be past is if I put it in manual mode and shift down when the revs lower
-does not bang off 5500, just climbs and sits at 5500
-sound of motor changes from aggressive to quite at 5500
-still has kick at lower rpms but will not pull on like it should
That is as detailed as I could possibly get, thank you again.
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