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Hi there:

In June 2015, I picked up a 2006 CSX 5 speed MT with 136km. At around 138, the car's radio (display and sound) started to flicker off then back on. It progressively got worse and started to include the AC, power locks. For the moment that the electrical components would malfunction, all of the dash lights would appear then disappear. Eventually, the check engine light stayed on.

The code reader showed P0685-ECM. At the advice of my mechanic, I contacted the Acura dealership to see if there was a software update, there was. I paid $100 for the update and went on my way. A few days later, the same symptoms began to re-appear in the same manner as they did at first-radio first, then everything else to the point that the check engine light came back on.

I called Acura back to find out what my next move is. He advised that it was likely the alternator starting to die. Note that the battery light is not on and there has never been an issue starting the car.

I was able to locate a used ECM for $200 and would have to pay another $100 to have it installed and re-programmed.

My question is, has anyone experienced this issue with their CSX (or RSX)? If so, what was the remedy? I also wonder if I should take a chance on the used ECU.

Additional notes: It looks like the previous owner's battery had leaked quite a bit causing acid to cover some of the ground wires.

After getting the car, I had the AC compressor changed.

Any help would be great.

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