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Hello, I have a 2006 MDX. I love everything about my MDX with 2 exceptions, the windshield wipers and the roof rack. I've made my peace with the windshield wipers, because I don't think theres anything I can do about it, but the roof rack I can probably fix.

The roof rack ln my MDX (just like all 2006 MDXs) consists of 2 bars going across the roof from side to side, which is great for laying something on. However, in order to secure the items to the roof rack, I have to open the windows and run the straps through the vehicle, which seems like a terrible design to me. Obviously Acura agrees with me, because in 2007 they decided to put an actual real life roof rack on the MDX with 4 bars. 2 running across the vehicle from side to side, and 2 running across the vehicle from front to back. So not only can you put something on top of your car, you can also secure it to the car AND close your windows.

Does anyone have any experiance with or suggestions for a product that will add the 'missing' 2 roof rack bars that should run from front to back on the 2006 MDX?

Thanks for your help
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