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2006 MDX Won't Start....Advice?

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About 2 weeks ago my MDX started to make a whiney power steering noise when I started the car that would continue until the vehicle had been running for a few minutes (warmed up i'll assume). A few days after the whine started a low squeeky belt noise started that continued throughout driving. 3 days ago my battery light came on , which I have never seen in the 7 years I have driven this car. As of this morning the vehicle will not start. When attempting to start the vehicle I hear a loud fast pulsed ticking noise and all lights on my dash light up, I have full powered headlights , yet the needles don't move on the dash nor does the radio function. I tried to jump the car but the vehicle turned off after about 4 minutes of running. I changed the battery in the car about 2 months ago as well as had new power lines installed from the battery positive / negative to the starter. 4 months ago I had new power steering lines installed and a serpentine belt. I don't know anything about cars , in general, but from what I can find in the acura forums people with similar symptoms speak of the alternator being bad and a few other possibilities. Has anyone seen the same miriad of symptoms in their MDX? My MDX has 150,000 miles on it but it has turned in to a money pitt in the last year or so and going to the dealer is exceedingly expensive :(
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