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I just got my 2006 TL manual yesterday from my local trusted mechanic, who replaced the slipping clutch (I owned the car since 64k, now 69k). I purchased the clutch kit myself from the dealer by VIN, as well as the clutch release bearing myself - guaranteed authentic and fit the model.

The result: the clutch engages VERY low - as soon as you start releasing it from the floor. It's nearly impossible to shift into the first gear from the stop - I may need push-release the clutch pedal 2 or 3 (on occasions more) times before it can be shifted in. Same with 2 gear while already moving - typically take 2 times to press-release the pedal. Third less problematic, higher gears are ok. Reverse is nearly impossible to shift in.

The shifting itself is rough - you feel as if you are forcing them in. Before, with the old clutch, it was effortless shifting.

The mechanic ran out of ideas, he says 'it may need some time to break in'. Yesterday, after the short drive, I got back to him and we bled the slave cylinder (it was bled already) - it did not help anything. He also thinks about the increasing the length of the connecting rod to the slave cylinder to increase the travel distance. I do not think it's a good idea though.

Any ideas? I want to rule out the improper clutch installation (can it be installed improperly?) - I used this guy a lot. Can it be master or slave cylinder? Why the cylinders worked fine with the old clutch? Is there anything else to adjust?

With the engine off, the gears shift smoothly, even without operating the clutch - I do not remember if I could do that with the old clutch.

Thanks a lot, community!
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