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I am new to this forum so please bear with me. I own a 2006 MDX that has been mostly trouble free. I'm having a problem with the Navigation. My wife was trying to find something (she had sunglasses on so couldn't see the screen real well) so she was pushing buttons, I don't know which ones. She said the screen went black and she couldn't get it come back on. The first I knew about this was when I started driving and the screen had a message enter pin. After much serching I fond both the NAV code and Radio codes. I entered them and it took me to the "In line Diag" screen. It also showed XXXCorrectPIN message. Then I had to Press MENU, MAP, & CANCEL buttons, all at the same time for 5 seconds. That took me to the "Select Siagnosis Items" screen. I pushed "return" and everything starting working again (i thought). Now whenever i turn off the key and then back on, it takes me to that same "in Line Diag" screen and stays there until I do 3 button push procedure mentioned above to get things working again. I tried doing the battery disconnect and re-entering the codes without any change.
Has anyone seen this happen and know of a solution?
Any help is greatly apprciated.
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