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I have a 2006 TL, no nav, and no mp3 / aux input jack, all factory default base. Great car, I've loved it for three years.

However; I'd like to have in dash nav, and I'd like at least a mp3 jack so that I can ditch my crappy FM transmitter. I have the iphone 3gs if it matters; and I'm OK with just sound, no ipod control.

At the dealership at the time they told me there was no way to upgrade it to the in dash nav down the road, but then he would say that.

Any advice? If I can add the in dash nav and an ipod jack I'm pretty sure I can continue to love this car big time for a few more years... what's the best way to get this?

Can I find a scrap yard and just buy a 2006 TL nav unit? Will dealerships install the nav now after the fact? Can I get a 2007 nav unit and get the mp3 input jack at the same time?

I suppose there is the normal aftermarket route; go to best buy or whatever and get them to install something. What's the best way to go? Simple is fine, but I don't want to lose sound quality obviously.

Am I just SOL here?

EDIT: I just found this neat looking thing at, GROM or something. Only thing is their website looks broken in multiple places which is kind of a red flag for me. Anyone have one of these units though? It looks slick...

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This is what I just installed on my '04 TL. It took about 90 minutes and you do have to pull both aluminum trim and plastic side panels on the center console as well as the glovebox, center air vents and nav/audio units. I ran the cable into the glovebox which is where I prefer to keep my iPOD. Out of sight, out of mind!

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I will be posting a DYI description of the task soon.

Also, the cassette adapter is a much better way to go versus the FM transmitter.
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