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2006 TSX rear airbag sensor

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I have a 2006 Acura TSX. the airbag light has been on and off for years. the dealer (many years ago) read the code and said it was the passenger rear airbag sensor, so I left it alone bc only the dog rides in the back. Now I live in a state where the inspection will fail for any warning lights on.

Im looking for help with the location and procedure for replacing this sensor. Is this in the rear door? Do I need to anything special besides disconnect the battery to replace?
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Hey Junkdaug,
Hope you are doing well.
are you still looking for battery help?

The passenger rear airbag sensor in your 2006 Acura TSX is located in the rear passenger seat cushion. To replace the sensor, you will need to remove the seat cushion and access the sensor underneath.
Hi FixIt,
Thanks for the reply.

I have since changed out the sensor and cleared the DTC, but the DTC comes back with a cycle of the ignition.

I wouldn't be surprised if I had 2 bad impact sensors, but the fact that it works somewhat intermittently has me thinking. Surely the SRS module is robust enough that it would not be likely to have an intermittent failure like this. Hence I am not on the path of wiring. I am starting to think I have a loose connection somewhere? is it possible to have a weak battery that's causing this?

Ill test the battery theory with a battery charger here in just a minute and update. Next, I'm going to start hunting wires. Any chance you know about the location of any connections between the right second impact sensor, and the SRS module? The "second/right" impact sensor is not shown on the wiring diagram I just purchased either.

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