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My first post! I just got a 2006 TSX and I wanted to get the switchblade type key that is in the new Acura’s.

Yes I know there are many other threads about the switchblade key but I couldn’t find anything recent.

So to my understanding is that you buy the key and then you have to get it cut, like any other key you would need to make a duplicate of. Then your suppose to program it. And that’s about it? Right?

I asked the dealership they had no idea all they said they could see if they can do it and said they are not sure if the switchblade key I would buy can fit into their machine. Also they said it be about $60 for programming. I was just thinking about calling up locksmiths and getting a price that be cheaper.

But I wanted to know are there any recommendations to what key I should get or from where (website). I was looking at eBay, are those keys any good?

Also it shouldn’t be hard to cut and program for a locksmith right? I just don’t want to spend $60 on the key and have them mess it up.

Thanks in advance!
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