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Hello everyone. I searched the forums for similar problems but I couldn't find anything like this. I am sorry if this was posted before.

I have a problem with my steering and need a good advice on what to do or look for.
It started out with this little grinding noise that would come from time to time from my right wheel at the time or acceleration 0-5 or 10 Mph (only at very low speeds and usually from a dead stop). Now I have a new issue of this clicking noise that comes after I tern my steering to either side. It does not matter if the car is moving or standing still.

This problem is even more annoying than it sounds, because it would come and go. By the time my mechanic will have the time to look at the problem it will no longer be there. And then few days later it would come back. Luckily I recorded a video this time and posted it on YouTube. Here it is

go to youtube and type in "2007 Acura TL steering problem." By Igor X
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