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I have a TL Type S that has 175,000+ miles. Started to lose oil (no drip under, no real smell). On a bad day the engine made a noise and went to engine heaven. Spun a bearing the all 3 cats were bad.

I got a junkyard motor with 70,000 miles. swapped it out as well as the cats. This engine too is losing oil (nothing under or smell).

I hit the lottery and got an engine from the junkyard with the same oil losing problem as the original engine?
What parts from the original engine got swapped onto the 'new' engine that could cause massive oil lose. It has to be burning it, nothing on the garage floor or anywhere I can see. Tailpipe is black. I was Mobil 1 5W-20.

Love the car but will junk it before I sell to some other poor idiot.
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