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So I have a 2007 Acura TL (Auto) which got water in the ECU due to the evaporator system (seems common).

ECU is fried...

I went to the local car yard and got an 06 TL ECU (Auto), looks clean on the inside.

Here are my issues:

Can't communicate to ECU (had this issue with the 07 ECU)
Coil number 1 gets hot (had this issue with the 07 ECU)
Car does not crank (had this issue with the 07 ECU)

*06 ECU has been tested on the bench and it can be read.


Can an 06 ECU be used? I made sure its for a 3.2L just like the 07 TL.
What would cause the coil to heat up (thinking about it, could be damaged from the 07 ECU, so ill swap it out)
Why can't I read the ECU?

Things ive done:

Checked ECU connectors (in the car and under the hood, they are perfect looking)
Checked all fuses and relays (driver side and under the hood), even the hidden PCM ones, think it was 34/35, 7.5amps
OBD2 port does power up my OBD2 reader (tried a few readers) but cannot read
ECU is getting power (old ecu didnt let me get out of gear, this one I can select gears when I press the brake)

Biggest issue is reading the ECU with an OBD2 reader. Everything i have read is ECU gets fried due to water damage. Replace the ECU, reprogram and your good. I should be able to crank the car but since I can't read the ECU I think thats the issue.

Any help would be appreciated!
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