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2008 Acura MDX 3.7L 3664CC V6 FI VIN:J37A1
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I was nearly hired for a position at what was one of the first Acura dealerships in the Washington, D.C., area, but I ended up returning to my hometown (Newark, NJ). This was in 1980. I have always liked Honda, because of the Civic. One of my high school teachers drove one. But for the fact that I got started early (as some would call it) with a family, this was not appropriate. Besides, I was poorer than, well, everyone. OK, so a little hyperbole never hurt anyone.

With the exception of a brief crush on the Toyota Cressida and a Celica GT (before the whipped versions) which I bought after I had totaled a Festiva, I have never fancied the other Japanese brands, especially Toyota and Datsun/Nissan. Mitsubishi always bothered me because of Pearl Harbor. Subaru would likely be a close second to Honda if the right one became available. I had no opinion on Hyundai (South Korea) until I bought one. Hated it! I would have gone toward the Kia when it came out, because they built the North American Ford Festiva. I saw a lot of pretty models (Kia cars!) but they seemed flimsy. They gave me Hyundai flashbacks. Mazda, which designed the Festiva when Ford owned it, was always a curiosity. Overall I have preferred the Iacocca/post-Iacocca era Chrysler products. The Durango still has my heart. Ford has been a strong like, because of its handling. GM gives more bells and whistles than comparable Fords that I have owned, but they did not handle as well. Compare making a U-Turn in a Cadillac to doing the same in a Lincoln. Try the same between a GM truck or SUV versus a Ford. However, given a great deal, I would take a Chevy truck in a heartbeat. I also like Volvo and the German makes, BMW and VW. Benz? Well... put them somewhere between the Mazda and the Mitsubishi - a little closer to the Mitsubishi.

I love my MDX' handling. I am a passenger commercial driver. I appreciate a vehicle that handles like the Prevost buses. She is almost as much fun to drive as my BMW. However, as I get more accustomed to her, I think she is stealing the BMW's place. She is predictable, almost as intuitive as a Segway. You see, I am too stupid to drive her on a narrow unpaved path along a sheer cliff. I leave that to the genius who designed the Segway. Just sayin'. Although somewhat dated, I like the internal systems. The limited second generation Bluetooth only does hands-free calling.
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