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I have a 2009 MDX with entertainment package. There is a 6 disc DVD audio player and a DVD movie, MP3, WMA player also. I burned at least 6 different type of CDs and DVDs and none of them works. It kept saying "Bad Disc" but it's perfectly fine reading on a laptop. I read it somewhere that you need DVD-R or CD-R Sony brand name. I bought both and burned some MP3 files to it and still getting the error.

Has anyone here able to play MP3 in the player? I know my player is fine because it plays movies and CD music just fine. I'm not sure what's going on but getting very frustrated. I burned the DVDs, CDs at low speed. 2x for DVDs, and 10X for CDs. If you get it to work, please list the media type and the method you're using. Please help me shed some lights on this matter. Thanks.
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