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Hey guys,
So i'm new to the forum, but have browsed quite a bit. I'm currently a student looking for a new car to drive to professional school in the fall.

My parents/I have narrowed it down to a 2009 acura tl (tech package, 2wd) with 71xxx miles, or a 2013 accord lx with 34xxx miles. Both have clean titles, drive nicely and are nice overall. and both are similar in price (maybe a few hundred apart) and from respectable dealerships (acura is at a lexus dealership, accord is at a subaru dealership).

I am familiar with accords as my family has owned a few and I know they are reliable/cheap/good cars. My main concern is that a) are acura (specifically TLs) much more expensive to maintain, aside from fuel? b) which do you think is a better car overall (looking for opinions)?

I'm a pretty casual driver, don't care too much about performance or how fast it can go as i live in a city with low speed limits. I also travel by car a few times a year.

TL;DR - 2009 acura tl vs 2013 honda accord and why?

thanks in advance for all responses
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