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What should I do next on my 09?

  • Intake and Exhaust

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  • DVD Headrests and unlock Navi screen to display DVD

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  • Cross Drilled Rotors, Interior trim kit (dark metal), Acura lthr shifter

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  • Acura Body Kit

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New to the site... looking for upgrades throughout my Acura. Glad to have a decent forum. Here is a list of what I have done and what I am planning on doing to my car, feel free to chime in and make recommendations etc.

Done: 2009 Griggio Metallic, Blk leather interior
20" Chrome rims with powder coated blk inserts
Winter mats
LED bulb replacement for rear license plate
License plate frame and tinted cover[/COLOR]

To do: (pics on my profile)
Upgrade to cross-drilled rotors (the factory rotors already warped)
Intake and Exhaust
Blow off valve ??? (Not sure I want to be "that" guy)
Unlock navi screen to play video
Replace headrests with DVD rests
Replace all bulbs with LEDs
Viper or Acura remote start with iPhone Smart Start app (Viper only)
Acura Perforated Leather Shifter Knob
Dark Metal interior trim kit
Rear Bumper applique
Replace factory fog bulbs with brighter and maybe slightly colored bulbs (blue or yellow)

*I am trying to find grills to replace the upper and lower factory grills

**Let me know what you think I should do next...

Lots of work, looking forward to it.

Hit me up anytime if you are in SLC, UT[/FONT]
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