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So I just got my first Acura... a 2010 MDX with the Tech and super cool SH-AWD.. but I got a question.

So I was told the towing capacity is like 5000lbs. and I have a boat thats like... 5000lbs roughly. Does anyone have any experience with hauling things with their MDX.. is this just a really bad idea. I know the MPG will be bad, but really I just don't want to destory my new auto. I also kinda have hills in my area.

I'm very open to ideas, suggestions and most helpful SIMILAR EXPERIENCES!!

Did I make a bad purchase?


ps hi all!

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First off, :welcome: To Acura World!!

You have just joined what myself and the other mods and admins consider to one of the very best auto enthusiast forums on the internet.

As far as towing with your MDX:

1. Make DAMN sure you have the transmission cooler radiator installed. That makes a world of difference. We had it installed after the fact with a dealer on our Pilot last summer, and it was expensive, but $800 prevention is more than worth a $4000 transmission.

2. Towing capacity more often than not refers to how much weight you can put on the hitch. I'm pretty sure that your boat is much less than that. Depending on the size of th boat, you shouldn't have any problems with a properly equipped MDX towing it as long as you understand that the V6 in these isn't going to tow things around 75 mph like a domestic truck with a big diesel in it.

Once again, :welcome:!!!
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