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Hello All.

I'm new here. I am going to attempt to install black roof rails on my 2010 MDX. That was going to happen today but when i opened the box up they were broke and i am now waiting on a new set. Question I have. There are two sets of installation instructions online for the same part same car with different measurements.]LinkDeny[/url][/url]

I bought them from the acura parts superstore. But the box it says go to for instructions. There is a bit of a difference. Has any one done this or could offer any advice. Installation Video would be key.

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There are two sets of instructions because the roof rails come in two forms, black and silver, and each is slightly different in measurement. Which did you buy?
Seems that the instructions you linked, then, would be the correct ones.
I know they both are for black but the measurements are different on both ones. So which would be the better one to go with,,,
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