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Ok, before flaming....I've driven MT autos for 30 years and over 650,000 miles so I am not a noob on MT vehicles. In this time I have had autos with more than 170k and I have NEVER had to replace a clutch....I am driving 2 MT autos right now. I am the ONLY driver of this car - ever (unless it was a shop guy doing maintenance work on it).

So last week I had a smell which I thought may be clutch (but hoped it was brakes) and took it to the shop. Shop said clutch needs to be replaced. WTH?!? So they quoted me about $1800 but then said they could not do the work as it was SH-AWD and I would need to take it to the dealer. Anyway I picked up the car and drove it and no smell and no slippage (and btw, I never felt any slippage). I drove it for a while and then even to and from work and nothing...everything seemed fine. Then on one drive the smell returned but it has since gone away again.

First, failed clutch at 60k? huh? Anyone w/this experience?

Second, occasional clutch burning smell? huh? any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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