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2011 TSX 6MTTECH Oil Consumption

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For starter the 2nd gen TSX 6MT uses the K24 engine that is also used in the Civic SI and there are many posts by both TSX and CIVIC SI owners having high oil consumption.
Many say that the dealer replaced the block to fix the problem, rings alone are not enough. The oil consumption problem seems to only happen on a small percentage of engines and mostly 6MT which rev higher than the 5AT but, there may be more to it.
Both Honda and Acura say that it is okay to use a quart of oil every 1000 miles with these high performance engines. I had an Audi A4 that had a higher performance 2.0T that did not use oil. I have owned many cars and none ever used oil at a rate of more than a quart to 7000 miles.
For the first 10k miles my TSX used 5 quarts of oil and then used about 6 during the second 10K miles and then went about 1200 miles before needing another quart.
At this point the Acura rep for my dealer says that there is no problem because I am not yet burning oil at 1 quart per 1000 miles.
I am truly in disbelief that Honda/Acura are not taking a more responsible approach to dealing with this obvious defect.
Anybody have additional info on this subject?
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As is common with VTEC engines, those that keep the revs high tend to burn oil. Also I think the type of oil is an issue as well as these engines have oil squirters to squirt oil on the bottom side of the piston to keep it cool. My theory on oil burning K-series engines is here. What kind of oil are you using?
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