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Don’t think of the EX37 as a premium compact crossover. Instead, think of it as a hatchback version of the G37 sedan… on stilts. After all, it rides on the same platform and uses the same V6.

For 2013, the EX moves from the 3.5-liter to the 3.7-liter V6, hence the name change from “35” to “37.” That also means the car jumps from having 297 to 325 hp along with a 14 lb-ft bump in torque to 267.

Remarkably, the increased engine displacement and output don’t increase fuel consumption. Instead, the rear-wheel drive model actually gains one mpg on the highway – though the numbers are well short of segment leaders. EPA figures for the rear-wheel drive model come in at 17/25 mpg city/highway while the all-wheel drive dips to 17/24.

People buy crossovers for a variety of reasons and practicality is often near the top of that list. That’s not true of Infiniti’s EX small crossover – at least not next to similarly priced products.

Despite that, a couple of minutes behind the wheel will make a compelling case to put practicality behind pleasure.

Infiniti has curvaceous appeal down to a science and the EX37’s size plays perfectly into that hand.

The brand’s bulbous design borders on baby beluga territory with the much larger QX, but the EX avoids all that. Instead, a sloping hood and roofline leave it looking clean and stylish – something BMW bungled with the X1.

Truth be told, there’s almost nothing to complain about with the EX37’s exterior except for the fact that it doesn’t take any chances – perhaps due to the fact that it’s been on the market for half a decade.

Pleasing aesthetics abound in the cabin as well. Take your pick of the buttons, shift lever or aluminum navigation wheel found in so many other Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Once again, the design stays well within familiar territory, but in this case it’s hard to criticize the decision.
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