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The perfect sports car, almost
by Colum Wood

There were only ever two reasons not to buy a Boxster over its rivals in the past. Both of those have, however, been solved with the all-new third-generation entry-level Porsche.


First up is the interior. Always respectable, past generations have better reflected the car’s purist driving sensation, rather than the luxuriousness one might associate with a German brand. True, the original Z4 was rather Spartan, but it’s now more of a grand-tourer, something the Mercedes SLK always has been.

The new Boxster’s interior is more coastline cruiser than track warrior and that’s far from being a bad thing. The car’s purists driving sensation has been retained, while luxury has been added in. There’s something to be said about the sensation of putting up with a Lotus Elise in order to enjoy its nimbleness, but there’s also nothing wrong with spoiling yourself.

Some of the biggest changes include a new five-pot gauge cluster that replaces the old three-pot unit, with the farthest right gauge featuring an LCD screen that can show everything from what radio station you’re on, to the Navigation map, to a G-meter ¬– when equipped with the optional Sport Chrono package.

In addition, the center console has been raised to mimic that of the Panamera, with easy to reach buttons running up the slope, while the 7-inch display screen is now higher up on the dash.

Porsche purists may have opposed the Panamera, but they should be thankful, as it ushered in a new era of more luxurious interiors for the brand.

Living with the Boxster for two weeks, we did notice one drawback of the optional Sport Chrono package, namely that the simple sport steering wheel doesn’t include redundant audio controls. Again, purists may scoff, but trust us, if you drive your Boxster more than just on Sunday afternoons, you’ll miss those buttons.

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