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2014 Acura RDX Review: More really is MORE
by Craig Cole

The RDX is Acura’s compact crossover, slotting in below the ever-popular MDX in the luxury brand’s lineup. It competes with vehicles like the Infiniti EX37, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and even the Lexus RX. All told it’s a versatile little utility with some impressive features and amenities. But that’s not all! Today’s model is a huge step up, delivering far more than the previous generation ever could.


Downsizing and turbocharging are all the rage these days as automakers struggle to deliver ever-greater fuel economy. If you remember, the first-generation RDX featured a trendsetting four-cylinder turbo engine. It displaced 2.3-liters and put out a healthy 240 horsepower and a strong 280 lb-ft of torque.

In 2013 the RDX received a ground-up redesigned and engineers wasted no time getting busy. They tossed the baby right out with the bathwater, and you know something? They’ve been saving money on diapers and getting a lot more sleep in the process.

Today’s RDX gives customers more of just about everything. They get more horsepower, a more advanced transmission, more satisfying dynamics, more passenger space, more cargo room and, if you can believe it, more miles per gallon.

This may sound impossible, almost like an interconnected global system of computers facilitating near-instantaneous communication, or aliens, or even Bigfoot, but it is in fact true. It’s like finding a crashed UFO in your backyard or a Sasquatch sleeping in your tool shed, how much proof do you need to believe the ridiculous?

Comparing all-wheel-drive versions the 2014 model provided for evaluation stickers at 19 MPG city and 27 highway according to the tree-humping, sandal-wearing enviro-nazis at the U.S. EPA. The best previous-generation RDXs could muster is a meager 17 city and 22 on the interstate. Interestingly the new model’s combined fuel-economy rating is identical the old model’s highway figure! Now that’s progress, especially since we averaged around 25 MPG in our testing.
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