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After owning 2 Lexi, my parents are wanting to switch to Acura & are trying to decide between a 2014 RLX & MDX. I tried to convince them to get the Top-of-the-Line Advance Package just-cause but they are more interested in the Navi Package because they want a white exterior with black interior (Advance only has the tan interior which is a big no-no), they want the simpler rims for ease of cleaning and they do not like interior wood trim.

Side note: as she was looking at the pictures she commented on how she does not like how luxury cars, including her 2 Lexi, have the fake looking wood. Yes, even tho the wood is real, they make it so shiny that it looks like plastic to her.

Anyhoo, I have been curious but could never find a good picture of the base/navi interior w/out the wood grain trim until now. Acura of Concord has several pictures of a white/black navi in which you can clearly see what the interior looks like. I think I like it more than the wood trim.

They will not let me link directly to the pix but here are a few closeups from other sites for anyone else who wants to know what the non-wood interior looks like:

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