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2014 TL SH AWD Elite

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Hi All
Just joined. I have a new TL and I'm having a vibration at speeds around 90 - 120K an hour. This is right at cruising speed as know. I had a high speed balance done at my dealer but it's worse. I noticed that it looks like they didn't remove the old weights - just added more!
Anyway, I had just returned a 2014 RDX and traded it for the new TL because if the vibration issue on the RDX! :wtf:
Anyone else with this issue or have I just hit too many pot holes this year?
Thanks Pete
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This may be a dumb question, but since I have actually run into this, I'll ask. Was the vibration issue happening on the same road? Just on the off chance that it's the road, and not the vehicle.

First off, bent rims will not balance, therefore we can eliminate that. First thing that I typically do for a vibration issue is rotate the tires front to rear to try to either eliminate or change the problem. Beyond that I can't say that I can recall any bad vibration issues with the car from my experience, so it just comes down to thinking about the issue logically.

If I was the one at the service desk, I'd think that the next step would be pulling a set of rims and tires off another car on the lot (a used car or loaner), then test driving the car to check the issue.
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